Resident Evil Village PSVR2 Gameplay

Resident Evil: Village Announced for PSVR2

Capcom surprised us again during today’s State of Play by announcing that Resident Evil: Village is coming to PSVR2. Yes, that’s right. Not a snippet. Not a DLC. The whole game. But, it won’t just be a 1:1 transition. The trailer shows that an interesting new mechanic is coming as well.

Resident Evil: Village for PSVR2 announced

Surprisingly, Capcom is bringing all of Resident Evil: Village to PSVR2. The State of Play trailer focused primarily on Castle Dimitrescu, and it’s even more breathtaking than it did in the base game. It looks like the devs are using the high refresh rate and 4K OLED screens of the PSVR2 to their fullest.

The PSVR2 version of Resident Evil: Village will also bring at least one new mechanic with its release. As seen in the trailer, Ethan has gained the ability to dual-wield his weapons. The PlayStation Blog post accompanying the announcement had this to say about the motion controls:

In addition to the PS VR2 headset, you’ll use the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers to represent each hand in-world. Try guarding using both of your arms and Ethan will guard in the same way; hold up a gun and Ethan will hold up his. You are also now able to execute dynamic actions such as firing your gun while holding a knife with the other hand, or holding a handgun with one hand and a shotgun with the other. These advanced controllers increase the player’s immersion with the game.

It’s unclear as to whether the PSVR2 version of RE: Village will come as a free upgrade to those that own the PS5 version or if there’ll be a fee. We also didn’t get a hint at when it’ll release or if it’ll be a PSVR2 launch title.

In other news, Resident Evil 4 was finally announced, and Stray got a release date.