God of War Ragnarok Released Date

God of War Ragnarok Release Date Rumors Fuel Speculations of Delay

Various rumors and reports about the God of War Ragnarok release date are sparking speculation that the game may be delayed. A change from a September release date to a placeholder of December 31 on PSN’s backend suggests that the PlayStation exclusive might appear later in the year. Another article, however, says that various European sources have confirmed a God of War Ragnarok delay to 2023.

God of War Ragnarok release date delay speculations swell before Summer Game Fest

As spotted by PlayStation Game Size in the tweet posted above, God of War Ragnarok’s release date has been altered to a more general placeholder of December 31 on PSN’s backend. In a self-reply to that tweet, the account reasserts that it doesn’t believe the game will be delayed to 2023 and that it’s possible the release date may actually be set in Q4 2022, somewhere between October and November.

On the other side of the spectrum, a report by GameReactor says that “various European sources” have confirmed that God of War Ragnarok has indeed been delayed to 2023. It’s unclear who these sources are, whether they are retailers in Europe or inside sources from PlayStation in the region.

It’s probably best to take all this speculation with a grain of salt. All that we have confirmed so far is that the game is still planned to release in 2022, according to a video in late April from Santa Monica Studio’s Animation Director Bruno Velazquez, and that in late May the Korean rating board, GRAC, has unsurprisingly given the game a mature classification rating.

Either way, whether these rumors are true or not will likely be settled very soon at tomorrow’s Summer Game Fest. We have yet to see any gameplay footage of God of War Ragnarok, which is understandably worrying for a game of this magnitude that is planned to release this year, but the presentation tomorrow is the perfect time and place to end the speculation once and for all.

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