Resident Evil Village Winter's Expansion

Resident Evil Village DLC and Re:Verse Release Date Finally Revealed

Resident Evil got a fair amount of time in the spotlight at today’s Capcom Showcase, and it began with a look at the much-anticipated Resident Evil Village Winter’s Expansion DLC. Both the DLC and the delayed Resident Evil Re:Verse stand-alone multiplayer experience will be available at the end of October.

The three parts of the Winter’s Expansion DLC

The Resident Evil Village Winter’s Expansion DLC consists of three different parts. The first is the Shadows of Rose story expansion that features Ethan’s daughter Rose as a grown-up as she comes to terms with her powers. To break free from those powers, she enters the consciousness of the Megamycete. Not only is time and space warped in this consciousness, but she also encounters a clone of herself and a mysterious guide called Michael.

There’s also new Additional Orders content coming to the game’s The Mercenaries mode that introduces several new characters including Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Alcina Dimitrescu. There will be new stages, too, that promise to “fuel up” the mode and increase the focus on “the exhilarating feeling of defeating relentless hordes of enemies.” In the third part of the DLC update, a third-person mode will be introduced to the game’s main campaign.

The Winter’s Expansion DLC will be released on October 28. The DLC will also be part of the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition which can be purchased on the same day. Finally, Resident Evil Re:Verse will finally open its doors to players on October 28. Originally thought to be releasing alongside Village in May 2021, Re:Verse was delayed after a variety of issues during the game’s open beta.

In other news, the PS5 upgrades to Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are available today. Elsewhere, God of War Ragnarok may still slip to 2023 according to the franchise’s creator David Jaffe.