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EA Posts Silly Tweet About Single-Player Games, Gets Roasted Immediately

A random EA single-player games tweet has resulted in the publisher getting dragged on social media. Someone at EA, who is behind some of the most successful multiplayer games like Battlefield 2042 and Bioware’s Anthem, thought it was a great idea to dismiss those who only play single-player games. Responses to the tweet were swift, and came from across the games industry and the gaming community.

I was joking about Battlefield 2042 and Anthem, by the way, in case that wasn’t clear.

EA single-player games are some of the most recognized, best-selling titles in the industry

In case the tweet above disappears by the time you get to this article (frankly, I’m surprised it’s still up), it reads: “They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games.” Very mature.

It’s no secret that EA has had a fetish for live service games since well before they became the norm, but the publisher is known world over for its notorious monetization and pay-to-win strategies. Its stance is especially bizarre considering the embarrassing Star Wars Battlefront II microtransactions fiasco that concerned even Disney, and the fact that Respawn Entertainment’s single-player Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a huge hit commercially and critically.

Most recently, EA’s handling of Battlefield 2042 has ended up alienating even the most hardcore series’ fans, following which a number of executives left DICE for greener pastures. And we’re not even going to get into Anthem. Considering EA has released some of the most successful single-player games, its continued attack on them makes no sense.

In other news, leading eye tracking company Tobii has announced that it has officially partnered with Sony for PSVR 2, and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora release date seems to have leaked – par for the course when it comes to Ubisoft games.