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Stray Has Surpassed God of War to Become Steam’s Best User-Rated Game of 2022

Looks like people, especially PC players, prefer cats over angry Spartans. According to popular ranking aggregator Steam250, Stray Steam version has surpassed Santa Monica Studio’s God of War to become the best user-rated game of 2022 on the platform. Steam250’s weighted calculation relies on a mathematical algorithm that assigns a score to each video game by taking into consideration the number of votes and the approval rating (percentage of positive votes).

Stray Steam version edges past God of War by a difference of 0.05

As spotted by popular YouTuber Skill Up, Stray slightly edged past God of War. According to the most up-to-date data available on Steam250, Stray holds a score of 8.61 with 42,655 votes and 98 percent approval rating, and God of War holds a score of 8.56 with 53,101 votes and an approval rating of 97 percent. Considering Stray just released, this data might change albeit slightly. It’s only accurate at the time of this writing.

There’s no comparison between God of War and Stray and this isn’t meant to be a popularity contest, but it’s still interesting to see these rankings and how each game is received by users. God of War is followed by PowerWash Simulator (go figure), with Teardown and Dorfromantik rounding up the current top five for 2022. Overall, Stray ranks no. 49 and God of War ranks no. 75 in Steam250’s top 250 games of all time according to user reviews.

Steam250 does acknowledge that game rankings are subjective because they’re based on user opinions so don’t get your pitchforks out just yet.

In other news, it looks like a God of War Ragnarok leak is incoming courtesy of a Sony security breach, and Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel will reportedly be based on Polynesian culture.