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MultiVersus May Allow Two Players to Share Battle Pass Progression

Your MultiVersus battle pass progression could be shared with another player in the future, if information datamined by Twitter user AisulMV is to be believed. There’s a possibility that the feature was being considered at one point and was either scrapped or will be introduced in Season 1. Screenshots shared by AisulMV show that players can link to a “battle pass partner” once per season.

What we know about the leaked MultiVersus battle pass progression system

AisulMV also posted screenshots of battle pass invite and battle pass link request screens, which suggest that only one of the two linked players needs to purchase the premium battle pass. “Both players will contribute to the same battle pass and the battle pass of the player with the least progress will match the other’s,” the image reads. “If one player has a premium battle pass, both players will share progress on the battle pass. Quest Rewards and XP for both players are still rewarded.” As previously mentioned, battle pass can only be linked once per season. It’s unclear if it can be unlinked during the season, however.

Again, this could be an early feature that was datamined and there’s no guarantee that it’ll be introduced. But going by responses to AisulMV’s tweets, players are ready to welcome battle pass progression sharing, should it ever make the cut.

For now, MultiVersus Season 1 has been delayed along with new character Morty so it’ll be a while before we find out what’s coming.

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