Spider-Man Remastered PC

New Spider-Man Remastered PC Update Adds Option to Connect to PSN

A new patch for Spider-Man Remastered PC now includes an option for PSN integration. Patch v1.1006.0.0 will allow players to link their Steam and PlayStation Network accounts together, a feature that is completely optional but will award bonus items for doing so.

PSN integration with Spider-Man Remastered PC will get you extra skill points

Once you pair your PSN account to Spider-Man Remastered on PC, you’ll get the Concussive Blast Gadget as well as the Resilient Suit. The Concussive Blast can be used to emit a powerful sonic wave, while the red-and-blue armored Resilient Suit can be unlocked through “The Heist” downloadable content. You’ll also earn two extra skill points to boot.

That said, if you have already unlocked the items and have already reached the maximum number of skill points, these bonuses won’t count. Opting into PSN Integration will also give you the option of receiving updates, news, and offers from PlayStation Studios games on PC or PlayStation platforms.

The patch will add support for Intel XeSS upscaling and other additional upgrades focused on performance.

In August, dataminers previously uncovered mentions of PSN account integration by pouring through the game’s files, finding mentions of “PSNAccountLinked” and “PSNLinkingEntitlements.” PlayStation’s PC strategy looks like it’s working too, with Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered easily inserting itself into the best-selling games on Steam. All told, it’s likely that we can expect more PSN integration for PlayStation Studios games on PC in the future.