Horizon MMO

Horizon MMO in Development From Sony and NCSoft – Report

Sony has reportedly signed a deal to collaborate with Korean studio NCSoft, who will be developing a Horizon MMO based off the popular series from Guerrilla Games. As NCSoft is best known for its work with the Lineage and Guild Wars franchises, it is suspected that this new Horizon game codenamed “Project H” may be released for both PC and mobile platforms.

NCSoft has not confirmed the Horizon MMO

According to a report from Korean news site MTN (via Google Translate), an anonymous source “familiar with Sony and NC” says that both companies have “tentatively agreed to promote a business partnership to create a new game using Sony’s promising game IP” that will be made by “NCSoft’s internal development team.”

However, a statement from NCSoft’s Global Communication Office states only that “it is difficult to confirm information about unpublished projects that are currently under development.”

Last year, Guerrilla Games had opened two positions in relation to MMORPGs, in particular a senior games writer position for someone with extensive knowledge of online games and MMORPGs. Curiously, PlayStation Global currently has a position open for a Korean translator in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which is where Guerrilla Games is headquartered, lending credence to the report.

It looks like the Horizon franchise hopes to branch out to other areas beyond a single-player console IP, with a new Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series and a rumored online multiplayer Horizon game according to a leaked SIE document.