God of War Ragnarok Side Quest Tribute

God of War Ragnarok Side Quest Pays Tribute to Developer Who Passed Away

A God of War Ragnarok side quest has turned out to be a touching tribute towards a developer who passed away during the game’s development. Jake Snipes died at the young age of 20 due to his epilepsy, and one of the game’s 47 Favor side quests recognizes his passion for baking and his relationship with fellow developer Sam Handrick. Be warned, those wanting to avoid any spoilers for the game may want to stop reading now.

God of War Ragnarok Across the Realms Side Quest Tribute

Handrick proposed a simple tribute to Snipes in the form of a heart with their initials engraved in it in Norse runes, something that was initially Snipes’ idea. When this was mentioned to Game Director Eric Williams, the team went a step further and came back with the Across the Realms side quest that tells the Ballad of Jari and Somr. Handrick explains how it’s “a story of two men who find each other in an often cruel world, and who find a place to belong simply with each other”.

The quest begins when players pick up a recipe book at The Eternal Campfire, the home of Jari and Somr. Kratos then sets off to find the ingredients for their next dish, each of which is highlighted by a love heart in the nearby environment. Handrick hopes “you’ll all find time to look for that eternal campfire, and to help make a recipe that feels like home“.