Monster Hunter Rise PS5 PS4

Monster Hunter Rise PS5 Version Will Support Up to 120 FPS

In case you missed it, Monster Hunter Rise PS5 and PS4 versions were confirmed yesterday following several leaks and reports. The game, which was first released on Nintendo Switch in 2021 and later on PC in January 2022, will come with special features for Sony’s consoles including high frame options on PS5 and cross-play between both generations.

Monster Hunter Rise PS5 features

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on January 20, 2023, and its massive Sunbreak expansion will follow sometime in Spring 2023. On the PS5 specifically, players will have the following frame-rate and resolution options:

  • 4K resolution and up to 60 FPS
  • 1080P resolution with up to 120 FPS (on compatible screens)

In addition to this, Capcom is utilizing PS5’s 3D audio that offers spatial sound. And, of course, the DualSense‘s adaptive triggers will be put to good use. The publisher has promised added feedback and resistance when using Gunner weapons, and a “slight but impactful kick” when blocking with a shield.

Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a trophy system, but rest assured, PS5 and PS4 players will have full trophy support across both platforms.

As far as cross-play is concerned, players can team up with up to three others players in online co-op, complete with in-game voice chat.