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Death Stranding 2 Story Was Re-written Due to Covid-19

Hideo Kojima has revealed that he had written Death Stranding 2 story before Covid-19 struck, but ended up re-writing it after experiencing the havoc that the global pandemic wreaked. Kojima’s statement was made in response to fans pointing out the peculiar similarities between his games’ themes and events that take place in the future following their release, often joking that Kojima can see into the future.

Kojima doesn’t want to predict the future with Death Stranding 2 story

“I had the story written before the pandemic, but after experiencing the pandemic, I rewrote the whole thing from scratch,” Kojima said. “I also didn’t want to predict any more future, so I rewrote it.” Aspects of Death Stranding 1 became somewhat of a reality when Covid-19 prompted lockdowns around the globe. Haunting images of empty roads and buildings made news headlines as people resorted to delivery services in lieu of in-store shopping.

Back in the day, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty touched upon the topic of misinformation (or “fake news”) and how quickly it can spread, which is now a reality as social media sites like Twitter and Facebook face intense scrutiny over their handling of fact checking and promoting misleading claims.

Good thing Kojima re-wrote Death Stranding 2, then!