psvr 2 showcase

PSVR 2 Will Be Showcased at Sony’s CES 2023 Press Conference

A PSVR 2 showcase has been scheduled for later today during Sony’s Consumer Electronics Show 2023 press conference. CES is primarily a technology event geared towards industry players as opposed to the general public, but PSVR 2’s presence at the show holds significance for players as it comes just ahead of its February launch.

Where and when to watch CES 2023’s PSVR 2 showcase

Sony’s CES 2023 press conference will be livestreamed on YouTube at 5 pm PST today, January 4th. That’s 8 pm EST and 1 am GMT (January 5th) for folks across the pond in U.K. For all other time zones, use this handy converter. We’ve embedded the livestream below for our readers so all you have to do is check back in when it’s time!

Interestingly, Sony Honda Mobility will also join the stage. A joint venture for electric vehicles between Sony and Honda, the partnership seeks to compete with Tesla. Sony recently indicated that it might put PS5s in Honda’s electric vehicles to compete with Elon Musk’s company, which recently added Steam integration to its vehicles.

Separately, there’s some wild speculation that Sony will show the rumored PS5 Slim or Pro at the event but we wouldn’t hold our breath for that one.