‘Forsaken Game’ Trends as Autocorrect Wars Against ‘Forspoken’

The phrase ‘forsaken game‘ has begun to pop off on Google while people try to search for Forspoken. Not only that, but “forsaken ps5” also autofills in the Google search bar. This suggests that either some players are confused about the spelling of the timed PS5 console exclusive from Square Enix and Luminous Productions, or autocorrect is having a field day with the game’s name, especially as we get closer to its release date of January 24, 2023. Probably a bit of both.

A Forsaken video game exists actually, confusing matters

Forsaken Forspoken

Analyzing how people are searching for Forspoken on Google Trends, the word “forsaken” (as shown above) has been labeled a related query on Google and is being searched about twice as much in recent days. Moreover, people are also typing in “forsaken video game”, “forsaken game”, “forsaken release date”, and “forsaken ps5” into the search bar, making it clear that the game’s name is giving a good portion of us a hard time.

The situation is also confusing because a Forsaken video game exists too. It’s a 3D first-person shooter originally published in 1998 by Acclaim Entertainment for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and PC. But given that there hasn’t been any news or hype about this classic game for a good while, it’s safe to bet that people are really trying to search for Forspoken instead.

Aside from autocorrect changing the word ‘forspoken’ to ‘forsaken’ by mistake, the two words are indeed very similar to each other as they’re just two letters apart. So you’d be forgiven for looking at the word “Forspoken” and think that it’s “Forsaken”, as our brains sometimes fills in the middle letters with what we think it should be based on the first and last letters of a word and what we’ve seen before.