Dead Space Remake Leaks Spoilers

PSA: Dead Space Remake Leaks Reveal Almost Entire Playthrough

Gameplay of the Dead Space Remake has leaked, so those wanting to avoid getting the changes and tweaks Movie Studio has made to the original spoiled should be vigilant. While leaks are to be expected, in this case, almost an entire playthrough made its way onto the internet. Unfortunately, that means that there will be plenty of trolls eager to ruin the experience for those that’d rather wait to play it themselves.

Multiple hours of Dead Space Remake gameplay have leaked

Much of Dead Space Remake’s campaign has leaked, but EA seems like it’s on the ball with DMCAs. Many uploads have already been taken down, so spoilers aren’t as widespread as they could be. However, the footage is in the wild, so be wary of social media if you want to go into the game blind.

Some readers might wonder just how you can spoil a remake of a game that’s almost 15 years old. The answer to that is Dead Space Remake isn’t a 1:1 recreation. This time around, Issac is voiced, technical improvements, and content has been added. So, even seasoned veterans of the Ishimura have plenty to discover.

Fortunately, you won’t have to dodge these spoilers for long. The game releases in just a few days on January 27, 2023.