PS Stars Pie Day 2023 Collectible

New PS Stars Pie Day 2023 Collectible Is Available for Today Only

The new PS Stars Pie Day 2023 Collectible is now available for PlayStation Stars subscribers to unlock. The “Uncommon” Collectible is only going to be available for today, so those who want to secure the pie inexplicably trapped inside of a UMD case will want to hurry.

How to get the PS Stars Pie Collectible

To get the PS Stars Pie Collectible, subscribers have to boot up any PS5 or PS4 game that they own.

Once the game has been booted up, players will receive a notification on their phone confirming that the Collectible has been unlocked. Those on a PC will have to check their PS Stars profile to confirm that the reward has been earned.

The Collectible’s description reads:

Happy Pie Day

The Countdown is complete. Pie Day is finally here!

Put down the pie and play any PS4 or PS5 game you like.

Not endorsed by the Pie Council.

It’s not clear why PlayStation is putting such a big focus on Pie Day 2023. Maybe the PS Stars team just really loves pie? Whatever the case, PS Stars subscribers can now add pie to their Trophy Case.

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