PS Stars PlayStation Home Collectible

How To Unlock the PS Stars PlayStation Home Collectible

With PS Stars for January 2023 well under way, there are a number of fun new Collectibles for PlayStation Stars subscribers to earn. These include the easy-to-earn T-Rex and Chicken Dinner, which the majority of players should be able to get, but also some trickier Collectibles like the Balloon for Elden Ring players. Another rare one is the PlayStation Home Collectible. Here’s how to unlock it.

Unlocking the PlayStation Home Collectible

To unlock the PS Stars PlayStation Home Collectible, PlayStation Stars subscribers must do the following:

  1. Have played PlayStation Home on PS3 during the years that it was online (2008-2015).
  2. Have logged into PlayStation Home with the same account that they have linked to PS Stars.
  3. Boot up any game on PS5 or PS4.
  4. The PlayStation Home Collectible should now unlock.

As has been the case with other nostalgia-themed Collectibles, the PlayStation Home reward is inconsistent. There are many reports from players who believe they should have the challenge, but it isn’t appearing. Sony has yet to comment on this issue and whether or not it will be working to solve it.

The rarity of this reward, due to both the requirement that players have experienced an older game that is no longer available, as well as the glitchiness of the challenge, will likely make it a crucial part of players’ collections.