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Apex Legends, Titanfall Single-Player Game Cancelled – Report

Electronic Arts has cancelled a single-player game set in the Apex Legends, Titanfall universe. That’s according to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who reported that approximately 50 developers were working on the game, some of whom will be laid off if EA is unable to find other positions for them.

Apex Legends, Titanfall single-player game was in development at Respawn Entertainment

Code named Titanfall Legends, the cancelled project has been rumored for a while and has been alluded to by both EA and its studio Respawn Entertainment. Bloomberg has confirmed that the game was in development at Respawn but didn’t say why it was cancelled.

EA is going through some rough times financially. The publisher is pulling the plug on Apex Legends’ mobile game and has canned Battlefield mobile as well. In addition to this, Respawn’s highly-anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been delayed.

It’s unclear if financial reasons are behind Titanfall Legends’ cancellation. Nevertheless, this news will come as a huge disappointment for players, especially Titanfall fans, who have been asking for a new single-player game for a number of years. Despite being lauded, Titanfall 2 failed to meet sales expectations, thanks in part to its release being sandwiched in between major games including Call of Duty.