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Hogwarts Legacy Dev Boycotts Own Game Over J.K. Rowling Trans Controversy

Hogwarts Legacy boycott has taken an interesting turn as one of the game’s own developers has publicly denounced the game and announced that he won’t be purchasing it. Parker Hartzler served as a motion capture real-time technician on Hogwarts Legacy, and is listed in the game’s credits under production outsourcing partners.

Dev criticized for hypocrisy over Hogwarts Legacy boycott

Hartzler’s Twitter thread, in which he refers to himself as a trans ally and says Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling “doesn’t deserve to prosper,” attracted criticism from followers. People are of the view that it’s hypocritical of Hartzler to make money from working on Hogwarts Legacy while asking others to boycott it (Hartzler claims he didn’t receive a free copy of the game as he works with an external partner).

In response to being called a hypocrite, Hartzler argued that he had to work because of his financial position, and not doing so would have cost him his job and home.

Many believe that Hartzler’s explanation for why he worked on Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t make sense since his tweets may end up making him unemployable regardless.