Destiny 2 LFG Matchmaking

Destiny 2 LFG Matchmaking Finally Coming With Fireteam Finder in Season 23

Destiny 2 will finally be getting a looking for group (LFG) matchmaking feature in Season 23 in the form of Fireteam Finder. The team had wanted to introduce the LFG feature alongside a reprised raid in Season 22 this summer, but Fireteam Finder wouldn’t be ready in time and has been pushed back to later in the year.

Destiny 2 LFG matchmaking will arrive alongside a new dungeon instead

Season 23 will be the final Destiny 2 season of 2023 and it will introduce both Fireteam Finder and a brand-new dungeon. While details on the dungeon are few and far between right now, we do know more about Fireteam Finder. The matchmaking feature will let players queue up from anywhere within the game. Those creating LFG posts can add keywords to describe the type of players they’re looking for as well as the aim of the group. Leaders can also approve or deny people trying to join the group, although those wanting to jump straight into the action will be able to let other players join automatically.

While there are still a few months to wait until Fireteam Finder appears, there’s plenty of content coming to the game before then. The upcoming Lightfall expansion will launch alongside the Season of Defiance on February 28. This will then be followed by Season of the Deep, rumored to be arriving towards the end of May. Finally, there will be the unnamed Season 22 in the summer.