Ubisoft Minecraft game

Ubisoft Minecraft-like Voxel Game Still in Development – Report

Ubisoft is apparently developing a Minecraft-like voxel game where players collaborate with each other. The game was revealed after Assassins’ Creed Origins Creative Director Jean Guesdon stated he had been working on an unannounced project up until he left the company last month.

The Minecraft-like game has avoided being canceled

Ubisoft has recently canceled Project Q and a raft of unannounced games that included a Watch Dogs battle royale title, but this game is believed to have escaped the axe. Codenamed Renaissance, sources that have spoken to Kotaku described it as “a collaborative voxel-based game with shades of Minecraft.” The unannounced game has been in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC since 2018, and three former Ubisoft developers have claimed it is “one of the more promising ones in the pipeline at the company.” However, its future is now unclear following Guesdon’s departure from Ubisoft after 17 years at the company.

The publisher has ventured into voxel projects before, most recently creating voxel Rabbids NFT assets to be included in the blockchain metaverse called The Sandbox. Renaissance is not believed to be linked to this project, or NFTs in general, especially seeing as Ubisoft’s own NFT platform Quartz was seen as a failure.