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PS5 Update Makes Big Change That Makes It Easier to Play Games

Today’s PS5 update introduced major changes and new features, but one subtle change that Sony hasn’t advertised has made it significantly easier to play games.

PS5 update changes how installed games work

As noted by Reddit user FunkinDonutzz and later confirmed by Sony, players are no longer required to remove disc installs for games that they also own digitally. And if the disc install files are still on the system, players don’t need to download the game either. Why is this significant? We’re glad you asked.

There are instances where players own a game on disc and install it on their consoles, only for said game to later be offered as part of PS Plus or for players to receive a digital code from somewhere. Previously, Sony would require players to delete the disc install before downloading the entire game digitally should players wish to part with their discs. That’s no longer the case.

But wait, that’s not all! If a PS5 has multiple users, and one of the users has downloaded a game that another user has a disc for, the disc owner no longer needs to install the game. They can simply pop in the disc and boot up the digital version downloaded by the other user.

Well, thank you, Sony!