PS5 7.00 Firmware Update

PS5 7.00 Firmware Update Is Out Now, Full Patch Notes Revealed

The PS5 7.00 firmware update is out now. Owners of the PlayStation 5 will begin to see the 7.00 system software patch being downloaded. This is a global rollout and it may take some time before the download becomes available in your region. The PS5 7.00 patch notes list is below, detailing Discord integration and more.

PS5 7.00 patch notes

  • Join a Discord Voice Chat on Your PS5 Console.
  • Start or Request a Share Screen from Your Friend’s Profile.
  • New “Join Game” Icon in Party Chats.
    • On the voice chat card, a joinable icon will be displayed for party members playing a game you can join.
  • New “Friends Who Play” Tile.
    • In game hubs, you can now see which of your friends have the game, who is currently online, and who is currently playing the game.
  • Manually Upload Game Captures to PlayStation App.
  • Variable Refresh Rate support for 1440p.
  • Game Library Enhancements.
    • You can now also sort and filter games when adding games to a gamelist.
    • You can use filters in your library to easily find PS VR games, as well as PS VR2 titles when PS VR2 launches later this month.
  • Game Presets for Multiplayer Session Preferences.
    • You can set your preferences to manage who can join and who can invite other players to multiplayer sessions you’ve created for supported games.
  • PS4 to PS5 Saved Data Migration.
  • PS5 to PS5 Data Transfer.
  • Screen Reader Improvements.
  • Wireless Device Update for DualSense Wireless Controller.
  • Game Capture Using Voice Command (Preview)

Needless to say, this is a significant update for PS5 users. For those who use Discord, voice chat integration will be a huge benefit. But, even for those who don’t use Discord, Sony has bundled in some significant changes to make life easier when trying to play with games, uploading images and videos to share across social media, and setting multiplayer preferences. What’s more, accessibility improvements are always great to see.

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