PS5 update Platinum trophy animation

Latest PS5 Update Added New Platinum Trophy Unlock Animation

March 2023’s PS5 system update stealth added a new Platinum trophy animation, players have discovered. It’s not a signifcant change, but fans are digging how neat it looks.

PS5 Platinum animation update preview

Take a look at the nifty new animation courtesy of trophy hunter and YouTuber BadDriver below:

Pretty nifty, right?

The PS4 also received a firmware update earlier this week but it’s unclear if the last-gen console received a Platinum trophy animation update or not. However, it shouldn’t be too long before players find out.

This isn’t the first time Sony has tinkered with trophies. In September 2022’s PS5 firmware update, the company quietly added the ability to view all hidden trophies at once with the simple press of a button.

In a PS Blog interview published recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Hiromi Wakai revealed that the team responsible for firmware updates keeps “a long list” of features that it wants to implement but it has to “think carefully” when it comes to prioritizing them and allocating resources.

In other words, the highly-requested removal of multiplayer trophies as a requirement for the Platinum isn’t happening anytime soon.