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PS5’s New ‘Game Progress’ Feature Divides Fans

The latest PS5 update added a Game Progress feature, which has had a very mixed response from players. While some claim it’s a handy feature, others think it’s a spoiler.

What is PS5 Game Progress and how does it work?

According to PS5 system update’s official patch notes, “Game progress will be displayed for games that have a maximum number of story activities.” In other words, if you’re playing a big game like Hogwarts Legacy or God of War Ragnarok, the PS5 will tell you how far along the campaign you are.

“The first I knew about this [feature] was when my friend and I jumped on to play Wo Long [Fallen Dynasty] together and saw that we were 70 percent through the campaign, something we had no idea of,” one player complained on Reddit, adding that Sony should give users the option to hide Game Progress.

“It’s so useful,” said another player. “Finally, I don’t need to enter walkthrough videos on YouTube just to find out where I am in the game.”

Then, there are players who have questioned how accurate the feature is (since Sony’s known for broken counters) and wonder if they’ll be misled.

Which camp are our readers in?