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PS5 Pro Has Entered Production – Report

Following last year’s PS5 Pro dev kit rumors, a new report has claimed that Sony’s mid-gen upgrade has entered production. Known insider Tom Henderson has heard from his sources that Sony will begin phasing out the original PS5 model later this year.

When will PS5 Pro release?

Writing for his publication Insider Gaming, Henderson claims that PS5 Pro is targeting a release window of late 2024. Before the upgrade launches, however, Sony will begin phasing out the current PS5 hardware and replace it with the rumored PS5 model that features a detachable disc drive, which will presumably be slimmer. That model is expected to be rolled out later in 2023.

Rumors of both PS5 with detachable disc drive and Pro console as well as a Pro controller began swirling last year. Sony has not confirmed the existence of the new console models but did end up announcing the Pro controller a.k.a DualSense Edge. That said, the company reportedly has a major showcase set to take place around E3 2023 so it’s possible that we’ll get confirmation of PS5 with detachable disc drive then.

Take all of this with a customary grain of salt, but a mid-gen upgrade doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.