New PS5

New PS5 Launching With Detachable Disc Drive, Says Insider

Update, 12:41pm: The supposed release window for the new PS5 has been changed to September 2023.

Sony will be launching a new PS5 with a detachable disc drive, according to a new site aptly named Insider Gaming by known insider Tom Henderson. According to an anonymous source sharing details of the next iteration of the console, the release date for this PlayStation 5 overhaul will be September 2023.

What the detachable disc drive would mean for the new PS5

New PS5

The source, as reported by Insider Gaming, claims that the detachable disc drive will be connected to the PS5 using an additional USB-C port along the back of the console, with the added port ostensibly being a part of the new D chassis for PS5. As such, this would replace the current A, B, and C chassis which have been in production since the console’s launch.

The new PS5 console will apparently be sold separately as well as in a bundle with the detachable disc drive, though this can be purchased separately too. The disc drive will “not ruin the aesthetics of the console and will attach to it without looking external,” suggesting that the paired drive will likely be a first-party product. It will also be portable and easily replaceable.

The report projects that that the detachable disc drive means that the new PS5 will be slimmer and lighter. If true, it could mean that this will be called the “PS5 Slim,” if just colloquially. Either way, Sony is reportedly looking to sell approximately 18.5 million units of this PlayStation 5 version in FY 2023, while only selling 12 millions units of the soon-to-be older PS5 consoles with the A, B, or C chassis within the same time frame. As such, it is assumed that Sony will be phasing them out in favor of the newly designed PS5.

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