valheim ps5 not releasing

Valheim Isn’t Coming to PS5 Any Time Soon, Developer Confirms

Valheim won’t be coming to PS5 in the near future, it has been confirmed by Iron Gate Studios in a new interview. This is despite the sandbox survival game having recently been released on the Xbox Series X/S via Game Pass.

Valheim PS5 release isn’t coming despite Xbox launch

Iron Gate’s Jonathan Smårs made the brief comment in an interview with the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, clarifying the developer isn’t looking at a PlayStation launch after its console debut on Xbox platforms.

When asked by XEP if Valheim would be making its way to the PS5, Smårs replied: “Currently we’re only looking at the Xbox, but you never know.”

Valheim’s Xbox release was confirmed back in 2022 at the Microsoft and Bethesda showcase (via GameRevolution), which led to speculation that it would also eventually be announced for PS5. However, since that announcement Iron Gate hasn’t confirmed if its breakout hit would stray from Xbox consoles, and this latest comment suggests that PS5 owners could be waiting a while for it to reach the system — if it reaches it at all.

Valheim has proven to be a monstrous hit for Iron Gate, selling nearly six million copies in its first five weeks after being released on Steam Early Access, becoming one of the most profitable games on the entire platform for 2021. Still, even if Valheim doesn’t eventually make its way to the PS5, fingers crossed that it will at least release on the PS6 by 2028.