naughty dog fantasy game
Image: @Naughty_Dog_IR via @NaughtyNDC

Naughty Dog Is Teasing a Fantasy Game Again, Fans Reckon

Fans think the long-rumored Naughty Dog fantasy game might have been teased again. The latest “tease” comes from a statement that audio director Neil Uchitel made in a new Noclip documentary.

Is Naughty Dog teasing a fantasy game?

While talking about making The Last of Us Part 1 for the PS5, Uchitel talked about a fantasy setting with magic and hyper realism.

“Realism and sound is actually very difficult to recreate faithfully because when you do it incorrectly, it’s immediately noticeable,” Uchitel said, as spotted by a ResetEra user. “When you’re working on a big game that involves magic or, you know, sort of hyper realism in a really substantial way, it’s easy to hide behind big sound.”

Although Uchitel is talking hypothetically, fans think he’s referring to something Naughty Dog is working on.

Back in 2021, a Naughty Dog dev uploaded artwork to his ArtStation profile that gave birth to rumors of the studio working on a fantasy game. The artist, Hyoung Nam, later denied those rumors. Then, The Last of Us Part 1 released last year, in which fans spotted fantasy art (pictured above) on an in-game wall.

Naughty Dog has kept its new project tightly under wraps. The only hint we have so far is that it’s probably not The Last of Us 3.