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Deviation Games PS5 Exclusive May Feature Solo and Co-op Modes

Deviation Games PS5 exclusive, rumored to be a shooter, may feature solo and co-op modes. The mystery game has been kept tightly under wraps but hawk-eyed fans have been piecing clues together via job listings and developer profiles.

Deviation Games has yet to reveal its PS5 exclusive

Twitter user Zuby Tech spotted the mention of solo and co-op modes on the LinkedIn profile of Deviation Games design director, Derek Sunshine.

Previously, the AAA game was thought to be a multiplayer-only live service title but job listings later suggested that the game will be a shooter featuring a story-driven single-player mode alongside multiplayer.

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Deviation Games was co-founded by Call of Duty veteran Jason Blundell, who announced his departure from the studio in September 2022 – a little over a year after announcing a partnership with PlayStation. Deviation CEO Dave Anthony said that the PS5 project is not affected by Blundell’s departure, and the “groundbreaking AAA original IP” will be in capable hands.

Deviation Games continues to be led by Call of Duty veterans. Its new senior vice president Louise Castle has also previously worked on God of War.

It’s unclear when Deviation Games plans to unveil its project, which seems to have been in development for nearly two years.