deviation ps5 shooter

Report: Deviation Games’ PS5 Shooter Will Have Story-driven Single-player Mode

Twitter user Oops Leaks, who has quickly earned a reputation for accurate leaks and reports, claims that Deviation Games‘ upcoming PlayStation 5-exclusive shooter will have a narrative-heavy single-player campaign alongside multiplayer. Deviation is comprised of industry veterans with expertise in multiplayer shooters and is led by former Call of Duty lead Jason Blundell. The studio announced a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment in June last year but didn’t reveal what it’s working on. However, job descriptions pointed towards a multiplayer shooter.

When will Deviation Games’ PS5 shooter release?

According to Oops Leaks, the “ambitious” project is still in early development and is expected to release sometime in 2024. It should be revealed within a year. Apparently, Deviation is working on a “world-class” first-person shooter that will be supported for years, if not “generations,” and will feature both arcade and competitive modes. Oops Leaks further claims that the game will come with “many modes” but considering that it’s still in early phases of development, things can change.

Opinion: PS5 needs multiplayer shooters

Zarmena writes… Multiplayer shooters tend to catch a lot of flak but they are almost a necessity. Look at the top selling games each year and you’ll find that most PlayStation and Xbox players are buying and engaging with the likes of Call of Duty. Ignoring this genre is no longer an option for Sony. Besides, narrative-focused single-player games and live-service multiplayer games can coexist.

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