Dying Light 2 Co-op Fixes

Dying Light 2 Co-op Fixes Are Coming Next Week

Techland is going to release fixes for issues with the co-op mode in the PlayStation version of Dying Light 2. If successful, the hotfix should solve connectivity issues, flickering on the PS5, stealth bugs, and much more. Furthermore, Techland also revealed that it is currently working to add a backup save feature as well as fix various story blocks.

Dying Light 2 update will fix co-op issues soon

After Dying Light 2 released, fans found that the game’s co-op mode suffered from poor connections and bugs. Techland has since addressed these issues, stating that it is prioritizing fixing these issues as soon as possible. 

According to Techland, these fixes will arrive for PlayStation versions of Dying Light 2 by next week. Specifically, it will release the hotfix by the middle of next week “at the latest”, which puts the release date at around February 16, 2022. It’s important to note that these dates are not concrete, and are subject to changes at any time.

Additionally, Techland outlined all of the fixes and improvements planned as part of the upcoming hotfix. It also outlined some of the solutions that they are in the process of implementing but aren’t entirely finished with yet. Below is a list of the bugs that will be fixed next week:

Ready for implementation

  • Issues with connection stability
  • Various situations when players could be disconnected in co-op
  • Various game crashing bugs
  • Issue with players that couldn’t sell valuables to vendor
  • Issue with music streamer mode causing one song not being muted
  • Issue with AI being immortal in some rare situations while playing in co-op
  • Various issues with stealth gameplay in co-op
  • Various issues when AI could be blocked in geometry
  • Various AI visual adjustments
  • Various balance improvements
  • Rare issues when peers in co-op mode are unable to see the dialog choices
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Fast travel limitation after the game is complete
  • Various situations that could cause infinite black screens
  • AI dead body replication in co-op
  • Occasional screen flickering on PS5

Currently working on

  • Various story blocks
  • Additional video settings (including motion blur)
  • Adding backup saves
  • Possibility to enable English VO if local language is not English
  • Blocks resulting in player ending in a death loop

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