MultiVersus shutting down

MultiVersus Shuts Down Until 2024, No Refunds For Paying Players

The MultiVersus beta is finally coming to an end in June. At that time, MultiVersus servers will shut down and no longer permit players access until the game fully launches in 2024. Unfortunately, this means paying players will be locked out of their content and there are no refunds being given outside of the normal storefront policies and terms.

MultiVersus beta end date revealed

The MultiVersus beta end date of June 25, 2023 has been confirmed.

Developer Player First Games announced when the beta will end via Twitter:

No MultiVersus refunds

As explained in a F.A.Q. posted alongside the announcement: “Refunds are not available as a result of the Open Beta closure.”

It seems the expectation is for players to simply be content with getting locked out of their paid-for content for six months or even longer.

Player First Games attempts to reassure players by stating that “all progress and previously earned or purchased content will carry over when MultiVersus returns in early 2024.”

It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to this unusual maneuver. After all, the game’s player count surpassed 20 million, many of whom may have invested real money into Founder’s Packs, the Gleamium premium currency, and/or battle pass.

For those who can hold out until 2024 to start playing again, at least Big Chungus could be part of the updated roster.