Big Chungus MultiVersus
Source: WB Kids/YouTube

MultiVersus Might Get Big Chungus as a Fighter or Skin

We might see Big Chungus in MultiVersus. An application for a trademark on Bugs Bunny’s chunkier alter ego has been filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office by Warner Bros. Entertainment. However, the trademark covers just about every application of the character you can think of, including gaming, movies, TV shows, clothing, toys, literature, and more, so we could see Big Chungus pop up anywhere.

Big Chungus is coming (maybe to MultiVersus), oh lawd he comin’

MultiVersus is a live service game that needs a steady stream of content to survive. So, we can expect Warner Bros. to lean into whatever sells. Big Chungus is an obvious addition to the game. He could be an alternate skin for Bugs Bunny or a distinct character, and it’s practically guaranteed he’ll sell well.

Don’t know who Big Chungus is? You can watch Liquid Snake explain it in the video above (by Tom Schalk), or read our explanation below.

Big Chungus was born in 1941. that year the Merrie Melodies episode “Wabbit Twouble” was released featuring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Of note, this was one of four episodes to feature a redesigned “fat Elmer,” which directly influenced the creation of Big Chungus.

In the cartoon, Elmer Fudd attempts to contain Bugs within his rabbit den by nailing a board to the ground to cover its entrance. Obviously, nails won’t hold in dirt, and when Elmer leaves, Bugs makes his escape. After leaving his den, Bugs briefly shapeshifts into a chunky caricature of Elmer and mocks him. This is the birth of Big Chungus.

Big Chungus only made an appearance for 3.4 seconds. However, over 70 years later, he became an enduring meme icon. A Facebook post featuring a fake PS4 game starring Big Chungus was the jumping-off point for a massive wave that spread across social media.

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