MultiVersus Spectator Mode Update

MultiVersus Update Adds Spectator Mode to PS5 and PS4

The latest MultiVersus update has added Spectator mode to PS5 and PS4. The update has also nerfed a few of the game’s characters, and fixed issues with Black Adam AI bots and the Game of Thrones: Throne Room map.

MultiVersus Spectator Mode Update PS5 and PS4 Patch Notes

Spectator mode has been added to custom game modes so players can watch matches with up to four friends. There’s also the option to watch bot matches if that’s your thing, and you can bet on the Black Adam bots now that they’ve been fixed. There are also a trio of general bug fixes that can be found below:

  • Fixed a bug where character-based ringout badges were capped at 18
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Black Adam-based bot’s AI to ring themselves out
  • Fixed a bug causing the Game of Thrones: Throne Room map’s transformation animations to not play when playing online.

Finally, there are buffs, nerfs, bug fixes, and changes for several of the game’s characters, namely Batman, Black Adam, Gizmo, Harley Quinn, Jake, Morty, Steven, Superman, and Wonder Woman. You can see all of those patch notes in the tweet below.

MultiVersus managed to be in contention for the PSLS Multiplayer Game of the Year for 2022, especially after the player count smashed 20 million concurrent users earlier this year. Do you think Player First Games is doing enough to keep the player base interested? Let us know about your thoughts on the latest update in the comments below.