Red Dead Redemption 1 PS5

Red Dead Redemption 1 Update Adds 60 FPS Support on PS5

Rockstar Games has quietly released a Red Dead Redemption 1 update that adds support for 60 fps on the PS5. The new option seems to be exclusive to PS5 via backward compatibility.

Red Dead Redemption 1 60 FPS option added via update 1.03

Rockstar Games was heavily criticized following its announcement of RDR1’s newest release. Fans were disappointed that the game turned out to be a straight PS4 port with a $50 price tag with barely any noteworthy upgrades or improvements. To make matters worse, RDR1 was locked to 30 fps on both the PS4 as well as PS5 when played via backward compatibility.

That changed this morning when RDR1 update 1.03 was released. The official patch notes mention “general bug fixes, stability fixes, and improvements,” but players quickly noticed a new 60 fps toggle in the display menu. At the time of this writing, this option only seems to be available to PS5 players. We’ll make sure to update our readers if 60 fps support is added to the PS4.

RDR1’s 60 fps support has not been added to Xbox because this specific version of the game was only released on PlayStation consoles. Unlike PlayStation players, Xbox owners have access to the original game via backward compatibility.