Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada Voice Actress Facing Harassment

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada Wong voice actress, Lily Gao, is facing a barrage of insults and vitriol from so-called “fans” who are unhappy with her performance in the game. Gao replaced original voice actress Jolene Anderson in the remake.

The controversy surrounding Ada in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The controversy surrounding Anderson’s replacement dates back to late last year when Capcom announced the game’s cast. Fans were unhappy that Anderson wasn’t reprising her role, but others pointed out that Gao – who is Chinese-Canadian – would offer a more accurate representation.

Nevertheless, some critics felt that Gao didn’t deliver, but it had more to do with the direction she was given rather than the quality of her work.

Enter the trolls, who took it upon themselves to scope out Gao’s social media profiles and harass her to the point where she locked down comments on an Instagram post celebrating Resident Evil 4 Remake’s successful launch. But that apparently wasn’t enough to deter trolls, who started leaving disgusting and abusive comments on her other, unrelated Instagram posts.

At some point, it all became a little too much for Gao, who has now scrubbed her entire Instagram profile to prevent trolls from commenting altogether.