Suicide Squad game is a live service hell

Suicide Squad’s Always Online Requirement May Be Removed – Rumor

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game showcase in February 2023 was met with an overwhelmingly negative response. Such was its reception that shortly after the State of Play, rumors circulated that Suicide Squad was set to be delayed. Following the confirmation of its delay yesterday, another rumor emerged, claiming that part of the reason Suicide Squad has been pushed into 2024 is the removal of its always online requirement for solo mode.

Will Suicide Squad remain a live service game?

According to journalist Jason Schreier, who first broke news of the nine-month delay, Suicide Squad’s controversial live service elements are unlikely to be changed. Developers have reportedly been told that a delay was necessary to polish the game.

On the other hand, Windows Central’s Jez Corden has heard that part of the reason Suicide Squad has been delayed is to “remove/rework the always online component.”

Schreier and Corden seem to have vastly heard different things, but it’s possible that the always online requirement is being pulled from Suicide Squad’s solo mode, while keeping all other live service elements and multiplayer components in place.

Whatever the case, Suicide Squad’s delay is probably for the best, especially considering heavy hitters like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are scheduled for release this year.