Metal Gear Solid 3 remake rumor debunked

Metal Gear Singer Wasn’t Teasing MGS 3 Remake After All

Over the weekend, Metal Gear singer and voice actress Donna Burke caused quite a stir after publishing tweets and photos that appeared to be teasing Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. Turns out, that was just the gaming community’s wishful thinking yet again.

Metal Gear singer confirms recording Snake Eater, but not for Metal Gear Solid 3 remake

Burke probably wasn’t prepared for all the hype her tweets resulted in. We admit, we fell for it, too. Seeing all the hoopla, Burke announced last night that she was simply recording Snake Eater for “fun,” and her recording session has nothing to do with Konami or the rumored MGS 3 remake.

Later, fellow composer Mason Lieberman confirmed that he’s recording a “special” album for gamers with Burke, and Snake Eater is part of it.

“You’ll know more of what Donna Burke and I are working on within the next few months,” Leiberman wrote. “It’s NOT an MGS project whatsoever, but it IS a special album for video game music lovers. Lots of amazing guests to announce. More soon!”

To be fair to Burke, she probably isn’t keeping up with all the MGS 3 rumor trains and probably didn’t anticipate her tweets becoming headlines.

Our bad, guys!