Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Platinum Trophies

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series Offers Six Platinum Trophies

Trophy collectors will be glad to know the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series will offer a massive six Platinum trophies. The collection brings the first six mainline Final Fantasy games to PS4 in one convenient package and will offer plenty of opportunities for players to boost their trophy XP level.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Trophy lists are fairly similar

Each of the six games in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series will have its own trophy list that comes with a Platinum trophy. While there are story-based trophies for all of the games, there are a lot of similarities between those lists as seen on Exophase. Every game has trophies for defeating a set number of monsters, completing the Bestiary entries, obtaining a certain amount of gil, finding hidden items, and traveling to all map locations. A lot of game exploration will be needed to get all of those Platinum trophies.

The good news is that there are some trophies that pertain to the games’ unique gameplay features, such as leveling up skills, jobs, party members, and learning magic. It’s a perfect challenge to take on while waiting for the release of Final Fantasy XVI in June, although the game won’t be available on PS4.