ps5 how to reset controller dualsense

How to Reset a PS5 DualSense Controller

If your PS5 DualSense controller is experiencing issues, it’s likely that you’ll want to reset it. Fortunately, Sony has made it easy to do just that, letting you restore it to its factory default settings in the process.

How to reset a PS5 controller

In order to reset the PS5 controller, you must follow these steps:

  1. Find the reset button located in a small hole at the back of the PS5 controller
  2. Get a thin object such as a paper clip
  3. Push the button in and hold for five seconds

If after resetting the controller it fails to sync with your PS5, make sure you plug it in using a USB-C cable. This should resolve any issues.

Resetting the PS5 controller is typically the first step you need to take when trying to resolve any issues with the hardware. By reverting it back to factory settings, you will restore it to exactly how it came out of the box. This means that you’ll also need to go ahead and reinstall any DualSense updates that are available.

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