Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust Trailer Lays Out First DLC

Forspoken DLC Trailer Lays Out First Expansion

Luminous Productions is still not done with Forspoken, despite its uneven critical reception. After announcing the expansion far in advance, the team has now dropped the debut trailer for Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust, its first piece of DLC.

The Forspoken DLC release date is just around the corner

This new trailer is full of gameplay and has some spoilers for those who didn’t finish Forspoken’s campaign. It has protagonist Frey teaming up with Tanta Cinda as they take down bad guys — including a huge new dragon enemy — and fill the screen with elemental attacks. The two also seem to collaborate out of combat, as it has Cinda giving Frey a slight boost to help her reach a higher platform.

Luminous didn’t share much about the story, but noted that Frey “finds herself surrounded by chaos and destruction” and discovers a “grim truth about her fate.” Athia is also at war, but she’s not privy on who her opponents are.

The Forspoken DLC is releasing on May 23, as was previously announced, but it’s unclear how much it will cost. The deluxe edition upgrade is $25, so it’s likely at or around that price point.

Forspoken’s new trailer likely wasn’t the sole cause of it trending recently, as middling Redfall reviews brought Square Enix’s RPG back into the discussion.