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New Forspoken Update Coming Soon, Will Address Performance Issues

Square Enix’s Luminous Productions released a Forspoken update just a day ago, but the studio is already hard at work on new patches for PS5. In a note on Twitter, game director and Luminous head Takeshi Aramaki reassured fans that the team is listening to their feedback and will continue to improve the experience.

Incoming Forpsoken update will fix gameplay issues, among other things

Aramaki said in a statement that upcoming Forspoken patches will prioritize overall performance improvements, graphics, playability, and “general updates and fixes to the game content across PS5 and various PC hardware configurations.” He added that Luminous is “committed to making Forspoken the most enjoyable experience possible, and thanked fans for playing the game and offering their feedback.”

Release date and patch notes for the update will be revealed in due course.

Forspoken’s most recent update, version 1.03, was PC focused and fixed a number of technical and performance issues. The game had quite a lackluster launch, marred by mediocre reviews and a review bombing campaign. Such has been its reception that even Frey actress has taken note of all the memes and jokes surrounding Forspoken’s dialogue.