Forspoken Review Bombed Metacritic

Forspoken Is Getting Review-Bombed on Metacritic

Forspoken is the latest game to be review-bombed by a slew of low user scores on Metacritic. Taking a look at the user reviews so far, sorted by the “most helpful,” the vast majority of those at the top of the search results have given the game a 0 out of 10. At the time of this writing, the game’s PS5 version has an average 4.0 user score on the site, while the PC version has an average 2.5 user score.

Low Forspoken user reviews complain about Frey’s dialogue

Scouring through the multiple user reviews on Metacritic that are in the red, they all have similar complaints. Most believe that the writing is poor, particularly for the protagonist Frey who some find irritating, unlikeable, and crass. They also found the combat shallow, the open world empty, and the graphics disappointing, with some claiming that they were downgraded from the game’s prior trailers.

The wave of low user scores isn’t too much of a surprise given that many players were already mixed on the Forspoken demo and given that a recent trailer for the game received more dislikes than likes on various YouTube channels. The comments in the negative user reviews also echo some of the same issues from critics too, with the PS5 game currently standing at a 68 Metascore.

Metacritic has recently changed its user review policy by not allowing any user scores to be submitted until a game has been out for at least a day or so. That soft embargo was lifted yesterday, allowing for the flood of low scores.

That said, about one-third of the user reviews on Metacritic are actually positive, similar to our review that gave the game a 8/10. Several of them believe the complaints are overblown and that the game’s traversal system is fluid and fun.