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Forspoken Actress Responds to Criticisms and Memes

Frey actress Ella Balinska doesn’t seem bothered by all those Forspoken memes and criticisms. The game has been subject to the classic internet treatment ever since its reveal, thanks in no small part to its dialogue. But Balinska doesn’t mind.

Why Forspoken memes and criticisms don’t bother Ella Balinska

Speaking to The Verge, Balinska opined that Frey isn’t an ordinary character and audiences have varied reactions to things they’re not used to seeing. She says she “loves” the gaming community for “how committed they are to really getting in depth for each game that they play” but she’s of the view that Frey is an “unapologetic, amazing” protagonist even if her dialogue is annoying.

“I think people always have a positive or negative response to something they’re not used to seeing, and that’s completely okay because that’s the way we incite change,” Balinska said. “This is such an extraordinary game that has come out with this amazing protagonist who’s so bold, so unapologetic, so reluctant in the best way possible.”

The general consensus among critics and the games community about Forspoken is that Balinska did her part well. However, the game’s execution – and certainly its writing – left much to be desired.