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Forspoken Development Reportedly Cost Over $100 Million

PS5 console exclusive Forspoken apparently had a development budget of over $100 million. That’s according to its lead writer Allison Rymer, who mentioned the staggering figure on her LinkedIn profile.

Forspoken PS5, PC saw lackluster sales

Spotted by GamesRadar, Rymer’s LinkedIn profile still has Forspoken’s budget information up at the time of this writing. The page is probably going to end up being updated soon but a screenshot of the relevant portion is attached below.

forspoken ps5 budget

Following speculations, Square Enix admitted in a recent earnings call that Forspoken has flopped. Thanks in no small part to its bland world, questionable dialogue, and story, the game failed to woo both critics and players.

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Shortly after its statement about Forspoken’s lackluster sales, Square Enix announced that it has disbanded developer Luminous Productions and merged it with the company. Yesterday, PlayStation Store slashed the game’s price after just 50 days on the market – a rare move for Sony.

Much has been said about what went wrong with Forspoken. According to a number of reports, Square Enix continued to fiddle with the game’s plot, making the final product unrecognizable from the original pitch. Writer Gary Whitta distanced himself from the game, revealing that he did not contribute to the final version.