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Forspoken Writer Confirms Final Game Is Nothing Like the Original Pitch

Writer Gary Whitta has corroborated reports that Forspoken story and world, as they appear in the final game, are nothing like the original pitch. Whitta, who’s credited as one of Forspoken’s writers, also claims that he didn’t contribute much to the retail version because by the time Square Enix approached him again, he didn’t have time for the project.

Previous report claims Forspoken story is “unrecognizable” from original pitch

Back in January, journalist Alex Donaldson said he heard from multiple sources that Forspoken is “unrecognizable” from its original pitch and although changes are normal during the course of development, Forspoken is reportedly an extreme case.

Whitta’s comments, which he made during an interview with YouTuber Charalanahzard (Santa Monica Studio’s Alanah Pearce), echoed Donaldson’s statement. He revealed that Square Enix originally approached him 5-6 years ago with Forspoken’s original concept and although he’s credited as the game’s writer, the only thing he recalls being his contribution to the final game is the world’s name “Athia.”

Whitta turned down Square Enix’s offer to work on the rebooted concept.

It’s unclear what prompted Square Enix to make the alleged drastic changes to Forspoken but it looks like the end result left much to be desired.