Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Length Revealed

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Length Revealed, Is Longer Than Original Game

Square Enix has revealed the estimated length of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and it’s going to consume quite a bit of players’ time. The game’s release date was announced during yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play, following which Square Enix elaborated a bit more on what players can expect from the upcoming title.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s estimated length is “nearly 100 hours”

FFVII Rebirth is bigger than the previous entry (FFVII Remake) in every way, including its main storyline. Rebirth also gives players the ability to explore more freely and complete “compelling” side stories, engage in minigames, and fight powerful foes spread across the map.

As a result, players are looking at investing “nearly 100 hours” into Rebirth. The actual number will vary according to play style, of course, so a completionist (or Platinum trophy) run could very well be a couple of hundred hours.

Square Enix also took the opportunity to remind players that FFVII Rebirth is a stand-alone game, so knowledge of the previous entry is not necessary. However, those who haven’t played FFVII Remake and want to play both games should check out the PS Store’s offer of a “twin pack” for $69.99, with Remake playable immediately upon pre-ordering it. A day ahead of Rebirth’s launch on February 29, 2024, the twin pack’s price will go up to $99.99.