Final Fantasy 16 Update Adds New Skins, Premium DLC in Development

Final Fantasy 16 Update Adds New Skins, Premium DLC in Development

Square Enix hasn’t spoken much about Final Fantasy 16‘s future since its launch. However, the company just announced a new Final Fantasy 16 update that adds numerous skins for free, as well as premium DLC that’s now in development.

The Final Fantasy 16 update adds free costumes

Square Enix announced the update and released a short trailer for it (which contains some big narrative spoilers). The update is currently live, too.

The trailer went over some of the new features that will be in the update. Clive Rosfield, Jill Warrick, Torgal, Joshua, and Ambrosia are all getting skins, and all five can be seen in the trailer (but only the first three are named). Players can also now transmog their sword so it keeps the stats of one blade while having the look of another.

Square Enix also tweeted out the patch notes in a thread, which are much more detailed than the trailer.

Producer Naoki Yoshida also spoke in a separate video about how there will be new control schemes (which the last big update also touched on) and revealed even more about what the studio has in store. After thanking fans for their support and feedback, he noted that he saw how players wanted more from this world and these characters. And in order to accommodate those hungry for more, the team has started development on two premium expansions. He didn’t give any details, so it’s unclear how big they will be, when they’ll come out, or how much they’ll cost.

This is also an update from his statement from July where he said the studio was thinking about its options regarding DLC. He also noted in May that DLC wasn’t being planned at the time, but seemed to imply that fan demand might cause Square Enix to change course.

A PC port is now in development, too, meaning that Final Fantasy 16 will no longer be a total PS5 exclusive. Yoshida said he’d also like to give updates on both the DLC and PC port by the end of the year.