Forspoken’s Chatty Protagonist Can Be Toned Down in an Options Menu

Early last month, a social media post intended to promote Forspoken backfired due to the dialogue it contained. It was deemed so bad that it inspired the creation of many memes. Developer Luminous Productions has now responded to the memes and revealed a setting that will aid players who want to tone down the dialogue between main character Frey and her Cuff.

Forspoken’s dialogue can be made less frequent

Speaking to Eurogamer, Forspoken’s creative producer Raio Mitsuo discussed the memes. He explained how “it was unexpected to see the reactions to the social media post.” While the reactions took him by surprise, he did admit that “some of the memes are actually pretty funny, so [he] got a good laugh out of it.”

While Mitsuo wants players to embrace the dialogue to learn more about the characters and their stories, he revealed that “In terms of the conversations between Frey and Cuff, the frequency that they talk to each other can be adjusted from the accessibility menu.”

For those that don’t want to hear so much chatter between Frey and Cuff, there will be the option to turn down the frequency of talking. Mitsuo acknowledged that “some players may want to have slightly [fewer] voices to concentrate on the action at different points, so we’re allowing [them] to do that too if [they] want.”

While there were many critics of Forspoken’s dialogue, even they can’t complain about how the game is confirmed to have no microtransactions.