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Forspoken’s Latest Trailer Becomes the Subject of Memes

The latest Forspoken trailer has turned the game into meme fodder well ahead of its launch. Forspoken admittedly looks pretty rough from what we’ve been shown thus far, with fans hoping that its delay to January 2023 will result in an overall improvement. However, its latest trailer has people convinced that Forspoken might just be a lost cause.

Latest Forspoken trailer is being called “cringy”

One look at the replies suggests that people are concerned about narration here. To be clear, it’s not actress Ella Balinska who’s being criticized. Folks are simply trying to figure out the type of audience Forspoken is geared towards considering the lack of maturity in dialogue and narrative thus far.

Some people have defended the trailer, arguing that protagonist Frey Holland is a young girl from New York City and her delivery of dialogue accurately reflects that. Others have said that with names like Amy Hennig, Todd Stashwick, and Gary Whitta attached to Forspoken, the quality of work seen so far is shockingly poor.

What do our readers think?

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